Welcome to the end of the world, we hope you have a nice holiday.

 The Fitzroy is a post-apocalyptic comedy set in an alternative 1950s.

The world is covered in poisonous gas. The Fitzroy hotel, a leaky submarine beached just off Margate, is the last refuge for a traditional summer holiday.

‘There are two types of people left in this world.  Givers and takers. We’re takers. Not givers.’

– Cecil

The Fitzroy is the debut feature film written and directed by Andrew Harmer and produced by James Heath & Liam Garvo through Dresden Pictures.

‘There are some drawbacks of having a hotel on a submarine.’

– Bernard

The Fitzroy was successfully funded on Kickstarter raising £72,171 (120% of the target) on 23rd December 2012, making it the most successful film campaign to date on Kickstarter UK and the most successful purely British film on the whole of Kickstarter.

We’ve recently expanded the world of the Fitzroy into a comic, with volume 1 currently funding for printing on Kickstarter now.

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