Choke Mate

Wow it’s been quite a few days! On Tuesday we were kickstarters ‘project of the day’ and yesterday we were one of three projects profiled in their weekly newsletter. It has really given the project a shot in the arm … Continue reading

Choke Mate

Drum roll please! Here it is… the Mini-Fitz – a short film made in (just over) 48 hours from suggestions by our supporters and the internet at large. Although it is set in ‘the world’ of The Fitzroy, it turned … Continue reading

The Mini-Fitz

This weekend – as I’m sure most of you know if you are following us on twitter or Facebook – we are making a short film. We’ve dubbed it ‘The Mini-Fitz’! It is essentially a 48 hour film challenge – … Continue reading

Questions… and answers.

Where do the days go? Blink and you miss them! The Kickstarter campaign is in full swing and I haven’t had a chance to update the blog. Slapped wrist for me. Well there’s a lot to catch up on and … Continue reading

Soap Boxes

Well the crowd-funding campaign has been running for five days and it has been crazy. I feel like I’ve aged five years! We’ve had a great response to the film and some lovely comments. We’ve also had some lovely blogs … Continue reading

Director of Photography

The blogs are coming thick and fast this week. We are very close to launching the Kickstarter campaign (tomorrow at 6pm if I haven’t mentioned it already?) But the work on the film doesn’t stop or slow down! In fact … Continue reading

The Countdown

If you have been following us on Twitter or Facebook you will know the countdown has begun! The countdown to what I hear you cry? Well, the countdown to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. And it’s just a few … Continue reading

Knock backs and Perseverance

When I started this blog I wanted it to be an open and frank account of the process of making a debut feature film. After all, the title of the blog is ‘the trial and tribulations of making an independent … Continue reading


If you have been following us on twitter you will have seen a few sneak peaks of the development of our logo. A logo is an incredibly important element and fiendishly difficult to get right. I tried my hand at … Continue reading