Boxes so many BOXES.

Well I am finally into the new house and surrounded by boxes. The office isn’t quite set up yet, but the new desk seems to be working out pretty well. It was quite sad to leave London but I will … Continue reading

Procrastination Corner

I’m sitting in a café writing this blog. I don’t know why, but I always feel very self-conscious using a laptop in a café. Pen and paper – fine, but a laptop, it’s all ‘look at me, I’m working.’ Of … Continue reading

Rewrite, Rinse and Repeat

After the last blog, I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts on rewriting, what I think is best practice and what I ACTUALLY do. This isn’t meant to be a ‘how-to’. There are plenty of those on … Continue reading


Hello and welcome… Today’s blog, as the title rather suggests, is all about money. Films are expensive. Very expensive. Heck, they cost so much, Hollywood often uses the budget as a marketing tool: ‘Come see the latest, biggest, MOST EXPENSIVE … Continue reading

Bang Bang

Hello and welcome… … today we’d like to blow our horns, toot our trumpets and… wave(!?) our fanfares. As a shy, retiring type of person, I’m not very good at promoting myself. If you ever see me at a networking … Continue reading

The first hello

Hello and welcome… … to The Fitzroy’s first blog and also my first blog. Exciting isn’t it. As this is the first one I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. I’m Andrew, the writer and director. I’m quite a … Continue reading