Free sweets and self promotion!

That’s right, free sweets! If that’s got your attention then great and if all you want to know is how to get some without reading the blog, simply skip down to the end of this post.

Well, after two great guest blogs it’s back to normal service… and my inane ramblings.


So what’s been going on with The Fitzroy?

Well, lots. We are closing in on launching our Kickstarter campaign. I can’t give you an exact date yet but it is close, very close.

We are all beavering away producing rewards, polishing the pitch video and coming up with some fun surprises.

If you follow us on twitter you might have noticed The Fitzroy sticks of rock. We took the old adage ‘you catch more bees with honey’ and figured sweets might be a nice promotional item to help get the word about the Fitzroy out there. There was some discussion whether giving out sweets over the internet might attract the wrong sort of people… namely the police, but we are old fashioned and figure every one really does like sweets, even from internet strangers (kids do not except sweets from strangers).

My biggest fear with this campaign is whether we going to be able to get enough people to hear about the film. I’m confident the script is good and the idea seems to engage people, but if we don’t get people to talk about it and spread the word we are going to come unstuck quickly.

That is really the point in the rock (apart from tasting delicious – rhubarb and custard) they will hopefully allow us to promote the film. Beyond the rock, we are also looking into some viral marketing ideas… and even busking.

In many ways it feels like the calm before the storm – putting the last little pieces in place before we launch. We can’t wait and besides, I like storms!

PS. We are giving away sticks of rock to every tenth person to sign up to our newsletter, so head over to our website and sign up.