Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope you had a great one.

I normally start my new years off by making a drunken resolution that ‘this year I’m going to make a film.’  Well this year I have to make a film… so instead I made the stupid resolution of ‘doing more exercise’.

Kickstarter: We made it!

On the 23rd of December we made our total! And exceeded it by a good amount, which was wonderful. It feels like a lifetime ago when we were sitting around in the pub deciding if crowd-funding was the right way to go. It’s been a lot of hard work, with some major highs and a few lows but thanks to everyone’s kindness, generosity and support we made it.

Which brings us to today, the 2nd of January and the start of the New Year – I never include the 1st, it’s a write-off.

For want of a better cliché, ‘the real work starts here’. If I’m honest it’s a little daunting. A few people have asked if I feel under pressure to make a great film. And the answer is… ‘yes I do’. Well, actually I feel pressure to deliver what I know we are capable of doing.

There are so many hurdles still to come and places to mess up the film. That is my biggest concern – not getting what is in my head (and hopefully in the script) up onto the screen. Some of these hurdles I’m well aware of – overcoming the limitations of the budget, making sure we cast it properly AND some hurdles are invisible, stealth hurdles. These are the ones I am most worried about.

But all we can do is do what we did with the kickstarter campaign – have an end goal and just tackle it each day as it comes. One small step in the right direction at a time. That can’t be that scary right?

And what is the end goal?

Make the best film possible and get the largest audience that we can to see it.

To me both parts of that sentence are equally as important. I have no desire to make a great film that no-one ever sees, yet equally I don’t want to make a turd that everyone sees. That’s not very dignified.

So the hard work starts here and I can’t wait to share the journey with you and finally start blogging about the making of the film rather than the kickstarter campaign.

As always if there is anything you would like to see or questions you want answering in one of these blogs please let me know.