Procrastination Corner

Welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner – a shed full of confused chickens.

We start with my three favourite shorts from this years excellent Reed short film competition. In no particular order!

The Devil’s Apricot

Moynihan and The Boss

The Boss

Love this site and was gutted I missed their Found Footage show when they came to the UK. This clip is one of the best! (Link)

Draw a stick man – see him walk. I dare you to not draw anything rude! (Link)

I’m sure there is a good film idea in this news story somewhere. (Link)

A great article on what seems to be the age-old debate of film versus digital. (Link)

Classic movies in Oriental Art. (Link)

Knight Rider outtakes! (Link)

In honour of the great Max Bygraves who sadly passed away last week. Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be. (Link)

This article killed a good thirty minutes on a long train journey for me this week. Total Film’s 50 most insane movie details. (Link)

Cars and Universal back lot. This looks too much fun. (Link)
And this week’s game…Rebuild 2 – Bloomin Zombies (Link)