Procrastination Corner

Welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner – an amble down some of the internet’s side streets.

This week there are a few more, shall we say, disturbing links. You have been warned.

Good Books’ “Metamorphosis”. I saw this stunning animation at Rushes short film festival and was blown away. Good Books seems very cool as well. (Link)

Finally I’ll be able to complete my evil lair: curvy escalators! (Link)

Speaking of escalators, this is like something out of my nightmares.  (Link)

Two very weird news stories, both really freaked me out. Karaoke massacre (Link) and eyes in the pub urinal! (Link)

Okay that’s enough of the dark stuff.

Here’s some rather charming mug shots from 1930’s Newcastle. Love the description of the first guy: “a general thief and bad character” (Link)

If you love typography and film titles, this is the site for you. (Link)

Some rules of storytelling by Pixar, in an easy to digest illustration. (Link)

And this week’s game. Dark or light? Depends how much you like gummy bears. Burrito Bison Revenge (Link)