Procrastination Corner

Hi, don’t do any work, it’s a Sunday! Have a roast and enjoy these distractions while the spuds boil.

This is just so beautiful. The Icebook (Link)

Super cool, super slow, super synched. Genki Sudio  World Order (Link)

History’s most iconic photos… in colour (Link)

There is one advantage of winning silver over gold. (Link)

Sure everyone and their mother have already seen this but…Baby Got Back’ Sung By 295 Movie Clips (Link)

Portraits of This Generation’s Brilliant Comedians (Link)

This weeks game: Elona Shooter. I should warn you I have the impossible badge and it took me weeks! (my user name is andrewh117 if you don’t believe me.) (Link)

And finally if you are doing some work – editminon is a great tool for a quick bit of copy editing. (Link)

Right how are those spuds doing?