Soap Boxes

Well the crowd-funding campaign has been running for five days and it has been crazy. I feel like I’ve aged five years!

We’ve had a great response to the film and some lovely comments. We’ve also had some lovely blogs written about us and even a podcast interview – which was quite fun and got a little geeky as we ended up debating who would win between Ironman and Batman. My money would be on Ironman.

I’ll try and post the links tomorrow!

But it’s not all about an online campaign. We knew when we started this that we really wanted to do as many ‘live’ events as possible. And over the weekend we we did our first one.

Early Saturday morning we headed down to Sci-Fi London’s Post-Apocolympic festival and set up our little stall.

All weekend we (Eve, James, Liam and Me) were there handing out flyers, showing off some of the rewards and just generally talking about The Fitzroy.

If I’m honest I was quite nervous. I am always nervous about meeting new people and I was about to meet A LOT of strangers and try to sell them my film. Why would they want to listen? But I had nothing to worry about. Everybody was really friendly and eager to hear about the film. Well, I say everybody, there was one guy who was running for the toilet. I shouldn’t have tried to stop him!

It was great fun and we had a great couple of days. It really gave us a chance to share the story of The Fitzroy with, which is what this whole project is about – getting this little story out to an audience.

The only downside was by the end of the weekend my legs were killing me. Working for the past decade as an editor has left me with legs like noodles – I need lumberjack legs. Please don’t take that sentence out of context!

Hopefully we are going to try and do another couple of events over the coming weeks. I’ll just give my legs a quick rub down and get back out there sharing the story of The Fitzroy with people. If you get a chance please help us share it too!

Hopefully we can all get lumberjack legs. 😉

And here’s a few stills and video I threw together to give you a taste of the weekend.