The Mini-Fitz


This weekend – as I’m sure most of you know if you are following us on twitter or Facebook – we are making a short film.

We’ve dubbed it ‘The Mini-Fitz’!

It is essentially a 48 hour film challenge – which means we have 48 hours to make a short film based around the world of the Fitzroy.

Why we have decided to do a short film in the middle of the Kickstarter campaign, I can’t quite say. It seemed like a good idea at the time. There’s only so many times you can keep banging the drum of ‘please look at us’ and to be honest, I think we were all getting itchy feet to make something.

So for the sake of a day in the cold and a sleepless night editing, I think it will be well worth it – and fun. It’s also another chance to work with the Fitzroy team which is all good practice for the main film.

If you follow us on twitter or Facebook, you will have noticed we have been asking for your direct input into the Mini-Fitz  – even down to the story!

We had a quite a few ideas come through and put it to the public vote on Facebook – the winning idea was dreamt up by Chris Knight and is….

‘As an air raid siren sounds, two people play chess for the last gas mask.’

I’ve taken this idea and fleshed it out – which to be honest is quite dark! But then I haven’t had a lot of sleep recently and that’s where my mind wanders.

So tomorrow morning – before sunrise – we will be heading to a cold beach to shoot the Mini-Fitz and hopefully by Monday we will have a little short film to share with you.

If you want to get involved Facebook is the place to be – we still need the title and characters names. So any suggestions let us know!