We are almost there!

Hi folks,

Just a very quick blog as the campaign heads into it’s last few hours.

Looking back on the campaign it has been a heck of a ride with so many up’s and downs. It feels like a lifetime ago yet the past 45days have flown by!

At the time of writing this we have just 34 hours left and are at £59,006!

The goal is within touching distance – but I’m not counting any chickens yet, there is still a chance we might not make it.

The Fitzroy by Jack Candy-Kemp Only available for another 34 hours!

The Fitzroy by Jack Candy-Kemp Only available for another 34 hours!

You’ve all shown so much support and kindness towards the project – it has been really humbling and has touched all of us involved in the campaign.

But could I ask for one more favour? … well two actually.

Kickstarter is all or nothing – if we don’t reach the target we get nothing… and we don’t get to make the film!!! We are close but it is possible we might not make it.


If you could please share the film with anyone you can in anyway you can that would be awesome.

Please facebook it, tweet it, tell people about it.

Here’s the link…

The other favour is…

We are very proud to be up for indiewires project of the week. We’re up against three other projects and to win could give the film a huge boost and really help it become a success.

If you have 30 seconds please vote (ideally for us).

Thank you.

And fingers crossed we can make it.